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Bc. Jana Rulíšková

Customer Care Manager


    TOTAL SERVICE provides funding for projects from their own resources (for customers in government, or long-term partners) in cooperation with ČSOB credit line and its own financial capital.

    Financing can be set up with monthly, quarterly or annual installments. A typical contract length is 36 months. We finance the acquisition of hardware, software and services, regardless of manufacturer. We have twenty years of experience in commodity outsourcing projects as well as currently favorite models of the operation of ICT systems in the form of guaranteed services, e.g. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Security as a Service).


    TOTAL SERVICE offers the financing of projects with the help of IBM Czech Republic and its division IBM Global Financing.

    IBM Global Financing

    IBM is not only a global leading manufacturer of software and hardware; it also provides financing for IT projects through a dedicated business unit.

    Whether you are a multinational corporation, small- to midsize business, or government administration, IBM Global Financing can offer you the instant purchase of equipment, software, or services.

    How and what can you get money for?

    IBM Global Financing finances the acquisition of hardware, software and services, regardless of the manufacturer, but the best rates are set to IBM commodities. 

    Take advantage of the good interest rates and flexible setting of customized installments.

    • IBM offers financing through financial and operative leasing (HW), installment sales (HW, SW, services) and loans.
    • Length of financing 12-60 months
    • Repayment monthly or quarterly, even or seasonal installments possible  
    • 0% down payment 
    • no fees for closing contracts or for HW insurance
    • financing of IBM products and products from other companies 
    • for approval of funding IBM requires the applicant's financial statements for the last two years

    With whom do you establish an agreement?

    The contract on funding will be concluded between you and IBM Global Financing. Contracts relating to the supply of hardware, licenses and subsequent implementation of a system or service can be closed with us. We can help you get money! We provide you with free support during the entire process; we can help with the filing and processing of the application.

    How does it work?

    The application process has approximately the following course:

    1. Online calculation of payments, see
    2. Delivery of documents (balance sheet / income statement for the last 2 years) to IBM-check and possible approval is conducted by IBM within 3 days
    3. IBM will submit a bid for approval - 1 day 
    4. Signing a contract between you and IBM, HW order and related services - up to 1 week

    Are you interested in options of IBM Global Financing?

    Do not hesitate to contact us for ensuring the correct procedure for you.


    Consulting Sales

    TOTAL SERVICE offers customers qualified consulting, analytical and advisory services that cover many areas. Our consultants and dealers offer services in the field of security solutions, data networking, computing and storage infrastructure, virtualization of servers, applications and workstations, data backup and recovery, hosted solutions.

    TOTAL SERVICE is a reliable partner that always offers optimal solutions that enable customers to work more efficiently and realize their goals and vision. We always begin by analyzing the needs of our customers, so we can design and implement optimal solutions and take responsibility for the final delivery, which will support their business.

    Fast delivery via our eShop

    Through our online shop we offer our customers more than 20,000 items, which can be filtered by categories and manufacturers. Each entry contains a detailed description, including information on price, quantity available and warranty period.

    Every day there are more than 10,000 items that are in stock and can be delivered next business day.

    Do not hesitate to register on our shop and enjoy all advantages: competitive rates, discounts for registered customers, special sales event on the best selling products and more.

    Whether you need a mouse, a computer or a powerful database server, you will find ithere.