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Ing. Tomáš Myslivec 

Key Account Manager 


    Virtualization and cloud computing

    One of the major trends in the contemporary world of information and communication technologies is a shift from selling products to providing services. This also applies to a wide variety of applications that users do not buy anymore but only use it, leaving care of their proper operation to us – application service providers.

    Customers are increasingly transferring their technologies to the cloud either in parts or completely.This includes both hardware and applications or their front ends. TOTAL SERVICE s.r.o. will help you with modifying your existing infrastructure so you can choose the right level of concentration technology either in a private cloud located at your premises or hosted in our environment or in a public cloud.We are able to customize your environment at the level of hardware, virtualization layers and layers of applications to achieve higher performance and better value infrastructure while maintaining optimal and long-term return on investments. We understand both the technical and organizational arguments which have a big influence when deciding on the placement of data in a cloud.

    TOTAL SERVICE operates its own technology for virtualized infrastructure, which is located in the new data center of the backbone Internet network in Prague. Oversized computing power is stratified into a highly redundant solution. All customer data is stored on redundant disk arrays. This solution provides a robust basis for several dozen virtualized customer servers, the infrastructure of our own company and the commercial operation of hosted solutions such as the postal service using MS Exchange or the portal for managing domains and web-hosting. Backup is performed by a combination of several technologies. The availability of the infrastructure is more than 99.8%

    The model of virtual, hosted environment, cloud, etc. is becoming extremely popular due to a value it brings. This can be seen especially in allowing you to greatly reduce overall IT costs (estimated at 30-50% while retaining the same functionality) also addresses the lack of IT specialists (the work force of top technical specialists is concentrated at providers, the need to employ these workers in companies is declining). Finally, it brings a significant shortening of the implementation cycles for new systems.

    Financial benefits = your savings

    • Elimination of investments -> replacement of capital expenditures by operating expenses
    • Overall reduction of the costs of applications deployment - reducing the total cost of application lifecycles by 35-65% (mainly due to standardization and shortening of implementation cycles)
    • Advanced planning and better control over IT costs - good planning and knowledge of the total costs is necessary for identifying the benefits of an information system, what is quite difficult task for many ICT managers these days
    • Energy savings - no costs associated with the operation of your own servers and their cooling (air conditioning).

    Construction, use and management of adaptive data networks - whether single-purpose or combined (structured cabling) - always require a professional approach.

    The basis is to operate such a network infrastructure that supports change without excessive investment. Adaptive infrastructure allows companies to deal with unexpected changes of operating and competing demands.

    You need an experienced partner to optimize existing and construction of a new data network. TOTAL SERVICE offer processes that support new and growing business initiatives of its customers. These processes include the design, installation and operation of data networks. We provide project development and installation, including the relevant certification and long-term warranty by manufacturers.


    The volumes of created and stored customer data along with demands on a processing speed are growing exponentially at present. The same applies to demands on solving the following critical factors:

    • Storage capacity
    • Speed of data access
    • Scalable solutions
    • Independence and reliability of data storage in individual storage technologies and their compatibility
    • Data & life cycle management
    • Need for homogenous management of data storage in a heterogeneous infrastructure, storage communication management - intelligent SAN networks
    • Automatic configuration of infrastructure and resource allocation

    Thanks to the rapid development of technology and our achieved certifications, we are able to offer a complete design and implementation of storage infrastructures in the form of easily manageable smart storage sites, combining and virtualizing different types of technology and disc types, including SSD. The highest level of such infrastructures is currently developing software-defined storage sites.

    The demand for higher computing capacity goes hand in hand with increased demands for storage capacity. We deliver complete solutions that combine computing, network and "out of the box" storage infrastructure from several reputable manufacturers. It is usually a virtualized efficient infrastructure.

    We help you create a secure and efficient ICT infrastructure that grows with you.


    Virtualization is one of the most popular ways how to effectively build and use your infrastructure.Having expertise of professionals.

    TOTAL SERVICE is a proficient partner for consulting and the construction of an efficient, virtualized ICT infrastructure.

    Virtualization brings the following advantages:

    • Full and efficient utilization of the capacity of the computing system, minimizing off times. Those can be easy allocated dynamically as needed.
    • Reducing operating costs (including energy, management and licensing costs)
    • Simplifying the management of ICT environments, consolidation of platforms
    • Increasing the availability and reliability of systems and applications
    • Infrastructure, platform, software and applications as a service.
    • Simple, safe and quick migration, much more efficient, reliable and faster backup and the recovery of systems and application data
    • Easy verification of disaster recovery plan thanks to a faster startup of backed up virtual machines e.g. on backup HW.
    • A stable, integrated and efficient ICT infrastructure allows customers to dedicate their efforts to the innovation of their own business, not to fragmented ICT

    Types of virtualization

    •  Virtualization of servers / platforms - operating a large number of virtual servers on an effectively used powerful hardware
    •  Virtualization of storage - merging physical storage places in a network to one storage space (GPFS, Software Defined Storage, external virtualization, virtual SAN).
    • Virtualization of network - complete abstraction from physical networking (from its HW and SW parts) unification into a single virtual network.
    •  Virtualization of applications - distribution and delivery of applications (usually from pre-prepared applications package) to the endpoint devices. Virtualized applications run in their own virtual environment and do not affect the operation of the workstation and its operating system.
    •  Virtualization of workstations - an increasingly popular solution that can effectively deliver and manage tens and hundreds of workstations and centrally operate them on virtualized infrastructure hardware. Users access the centrally virtualized stations through, for example, terminal services or other protocols. The stations are thus independent from the hardware.

    An unexpected event may be the best check of ICT performance. Despite of the loss of corporate data is the end of most companies business; they often neglect the importance of backup. These reasons and our experience learn us that backup and the speed of recovery of corporate data are always on the first place.

    Talk with us to find which backup solution and software is best for you. We offer our experience from implementing and managing solutions, whether at sole traders or multinational corporations.

    What do we offer?

    • Data recovery scenarios with cloud-based, offsite or other types of backup
    • Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure the continuity of your business processes
    • Design and implementation of backup procedures
    • Audit and recommendations regarding existing backup procedures
    • Daily evaluation of backup success
    • Regular backup recovery tests
    • Identification of the critical times for recovery (RPO, RTO)
    • Identification of risks and possible impact on business