TOTAL SERVICE currently counts about 95 employees. All are members of a well-coordinated team delivering great results to the company and satisfaction to its customers. We are pleased they work just for us and grow to bring continual innovations. Each of our colleagues is an interesting personality with their own interests, so as we further mutually enrich and inspire.

Jaromír Žák

„Our solutions and services for customers are an ideal investment. The added value is then human approach and ethical behavior of the team of TOTAL SERVICE. I am happy for being a part of it for more than 10 years."

Ing. Jaromír Žák
Head of Technical Department

Ori Harel

„I try to bring the vision, ideas and solutions that enable us to succeed in the long term on a global scale.“

Ori Harel

Václav Novák

„We are partners to our customers, offering and providing them ICT services and solutions that will support the efficiency and competitiveness of their business. “

Václav Novák, MBA
CEO, Chairman of the Board

Jiří Chovanec

„For 13 years I’ve been watching our company changing so much, increasing turnover and new customers. Today, even if counting over 70 employees, we still remain a flexible and dynamically managed company with a strong financial background."

Jiří Chovanec
CFO, Member of the Supervisory Board

Tomáš Myslivec

„The key is to understand customer requirements and provide just the services they need. A daily communication with colleagues and their motivation for top-quality performance for clients is important. A long-term relationship with the client, beneficial to both sides, means a success to me.“

Ing. Tomáš Myslivec
Account Manager

Jana Rulíšková

„I joined TOTAL SERVICE as a student at the Technical University and stayed for 11 years. I enjoy nice people, nice facilities and new challenges and currently, viewing from my new job perspective - I like a satisfied customer above all. Our reliable services help them do more business and focus on profit.“

Bc. Jana Rulíšková
Customer Care Manager

Jiří Veličkov

„Successful, confident and satisfied expert team composed of interesting personalities is a real treasure of each company. I do my best to take care of it so as we can always bring our clients a little more than it is usual.“

Ing. Jiří Veličkov
Head of Department of Infrastructure

Gabriela Myslivcová

„Human resources create the greatest value for the company. I am glad that after 10 years at the company I am now in a position influencing the success of the whole organization. IN TOTAL, we are a great team!“

Gabriela Myslivcová
HR & Credit controller

Miloslav Fejfar

„The business of our clients cannot wait. We are aware each business downtime costs something. Therefore, we provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don't want to let you down.“

Miloslav Fejfar
Service Delivery Manager

Petra Sedmidubská

„I joined the team two years ago and certainly do not regret. I enjoy good fellows and seek for creating the best possible working conditions for them. I like the friendly and informal atmosphere and look forward to each new day, which I'm starting with a smile and a cup of good coffee."

Petra Sedmidubská
Office Manager

Zdeněk Dřevikovský

„The surveillance team in charge of monitoring is watching your infrastructure, data, applications and their backups. We protect your business with continuous evaluation of the systems condition and errors prediction.“

Zdeněk Dřevikovský
Head of Service Desk

Linda Staňková

„At TOTAL SERVICE I am pleased if I can support the team even by smile. Perfect front desk operations are essential for well-being at work. This is important!“

Linda Staňková
Executive Assistant

Ondřej Salák

"I have studied information management and integrated management systems. I help our clients on the highest level of IT management, with mapping of business and IT goals."

Ing. Ondřej Salák
Senior System Administrator

Jan Navrátil

„At TOTAL SERVICE I feel satisfied thanks to functioning human relationships. We are not "on-IT dust wipers", we are a partner providing ICT environment and an innovator improving a client comfort when using our services.“

Ing. Jan Navrátil
Key Account Manager

Patrik Kolkus

"For so long I had been dealing with TOTAL SERVICE until I understood total quality and have permanently anchored here.""

Patrik Kolkus
Key Account Manager

Zdeněk Čmelík

„It's great to be part of a team of capable people who, for almost 20 years, supports its customers in their quest for success. Together we are able to move the services of ICT world further.“

Zdeněk Čmelík, MBA
Key Account Manager

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